Calcot Farm Produce began when we started raising pigs, and then selling the meat onto local people. This slowly grew and we became interested the idea of air drying meat. After building a curing chamber and experimenting with the recipes, we think we have now perfected a Fennel Salami, Hot Smoked Chorizo, Pancetta and Cured Ham.

Our family runs a dairy farm and with the media and celebrity chef interest in Rose Veal we thought we’d have a try at seeing what it was like and were really pleased to discover what great meat this is! Our Rose Veal calves are raised in open barns and feed on a diet of milk and concentrates until 7 months. The meat is then hung for two weeks.

We also raise lambs with a flock of Suffolk Mule ewes fed on grass and concentrates.  

At any time that we can't provide our own meat from the farm then we source pork and lamb directly from local farmers and all the pork is outdoor raised.