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Grilled Meat

Our Story

Farming Runs In Our Family

Growing up on the family farm in Ashurst, West Sussex; Dave enjoyed helping his dad take care of their land and animals. In his early 20's he enjoyed a career as a chef, cooking in wonderful establishments like the Crown & Dial Post in the picturesque Sussex countryside. 


With a keen interest in cooking meats, he explored the traditional processes of classical butchery, enjoying the art of curing and learning how to spice and season charcuterie to create delicious flavour profiles.

After studying alongside a local butcher, he opened Calcot Farm Produce in 2011, specialising in creative artisan cured meats, wholesome fresh cuts and a range of complementary products, unique to the farm and their high standards of animal welfare.

David Jesse

Owner & Executive Chef

David Jesse of Calcot Farm Produce

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Calcot Farm Produce


Dave Jesse
T: 07835 541643

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